White House Silent On Iran Deal After Claims Terhran Helped Plan Israel Attacks

(USNewsMag.com) – Following the brutal surprise attack on Israel by Hamas, the White House has avoided addressing questions about whether or not the US will continue to deal with Iran amid allegations that the Middle Eastern nation helped Hamas carry out the attack.

The world was shocked by the sudden coordinated effort by Hamas, the Islamic militant group leading the Palestinians, to inflict damage on Israeli civilians this month. About 1,000 people stormed over the Gaza border, slaughtering civilians, attacking a musical festival, and taking hostages back over the border. After the attack, Israel launched a “complete siege” of the region, conducting well over 1,000 airstrikes in just a few days.

Amid the ongoing conflict, Republican lawmakers are raising questions about how much of a hand Iran had in the attack, which leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah claim was carried out with Iranian support. According to a Wall Street Journal report on Sunday after the attack, security officials from Iran allegedly held a meeting in Beirut the week prior and approved the attack by Hamas.

Since the news broke, the White House has been questioned by the media about whether or not America would continue to participate in negotiations with Iran if evidence emerged proving Iran assisted in the attack against Israel. They seem to be ducking the question. Fox News reached out at least three times and was referred to the National Security Council statements last Monday, which don’t address the inquiry.

So far, no evidence for the claim has been found by US leaders, although it’s well known that Iran has supported Hamas for a long time and may still have some “degree of complicity” in the assault.

The Biden administration also faced questions over a prisoner exchange with Iran last month in which $6 billion of frozen money was released to the country, although there’s also no evidence that any of that money has yet to leave the Qatari bank accounts where it’s stored.

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