WH Spokesman Blames Hamas For Breaking Ceasefire

(USNewsMag.com) – John Kirby, National Security Council spokesman for the White House, blamed Hamas on Sunday for the dissolution of the temporary truce agreement between the radical Palestinian group and Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Kirby appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and said that the US government believes at least eight or nine American hostages remain in Gaza under Hamas captivity. The whereabouts and condition of one of the women remain unknown. Kirby said that the US doesn’t “have perfect visibility” on the situation and would like to have the truce between Israel and Hamas resume so “more hostages can come out.”

According to Kirby, the reason the pause in combat ended was because of Hamas, who he says “refused” to “list additional women and children” in their possession who they were “refusing to let go.” The spokesman says the US “is working literally by the hour” to get the plan “back on track.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said roughly the same thing after the week-long truce ended last Friday, stating it was because Hamas refused to release certain women and children hostages initially agreed on. During the cease-fire, Hamas released 240 hostages, most of whom were Israeli and some foreign nationals. Israel agreed to exchange Palestinian prisoners for the hostages.

Netanyahu reiterated that he and the IDF are committed to weeding out Hamas from the Palestinian territories and removing them from power over the region.

The Fox News host confronted Kirby about his claim, noting that Democratic lawmakers in Congress, such as New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, claim that Israel is in “gross violation of human rights” with “assistance” from the US military.

Kirby replied that the US was “helping” its “friend and partner” by assisting the Jewish state and that the “truly genocidal threat” was “posed by Hamas.” He then mentioned the Oct. 7 attack and said that as time goes on, it becomes easier for people “to forget what happened on that day” and why Israel must defeat Hamas.

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