VULGAR Display At Theme Park – Are Democrats Ok With THIS?!

( – Colin Munro, known as “Crystal” from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, caused outrage with a controversial act at a top UK attraction, Adventure Island, on July 15. He was present to entertain at the Southend-on-Sea Pride Festival. He has previously performed at Adventure Island Pride, never receiving any negative feedback.

In front of an audience of over fifty individuals, including children, the drag queen simulated sexual acts while using an angle grinder power tool, dressed in fishnet tights, a leotard, and high heels.

Munro defended his act, stating that despite the suggestive movements, it was innocent and had no sexual meaning.

On social media, parents expressed their anger at the park for allowing a suggestive performance at a family event. Many statements were made about not going back to Adventure Island. The performance was criticized by a parent who claimed it was inappropriate and that the theme park didn’t prioritize children. On Twitter, people used words like “disgusting,” “shocking,” and one said it was “debauchery.”

Munro appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK but is from Canada and studied costume design at university.

Before competing in Drag Race, he went by the name Crystal Beth, a play on the word crystal meth. Worried he may offend the addict community, he dropped “Beth.”

After learning the park would not host future Pride events because of his performance, Munro indicated he was disappointed. He insists that his act was not unlike something people would see on Britain’s Got Talent, and he feels his routine caused backlash only because he was in drag.

There was “confusion” over what the park would permit or not, according to Philip Miller, executive chairman of Adventure Island, who spoke to the Daily Mail. The park has apologized to visitors, according to Miller, and it has decided not to take part in any further Pride events or hire a drag performer in the future.

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