Vegas Family Doubles Down on Alien Story

( – The Las Vegas family that claimed they saw an alien in their backyard in June after a UFO sighting is doubling down on their story.

In May, the family claims they saw non-human entities in their backyard, which they described as grayish green, shortly after falling light was seen in the sky. Things became more interesting when the family contacted the police, who said they also saw a light in the sky around the same time as the witnesses and took the matter seriously as a result.

The police even went around to ask other neighbors in the area if they had seen the light or the person being described by the family, who remained anonymous after the incident, claiming they were receiving harassment after the story broke in June.

Despite being ridiculed, accused of enacting an elaborate hoax, and afraid to leave their home, they stood by their story and continued to stand by it. One of the sons who spotted the falling object and saw the creature also recounted his story on a YouTube video, describing the creature as over 10 feet tall with dark, shiny skin.

Aliens seem to be trending as a topic in general this year. Not long after the Vegas sighting, another story broke about a government whistleblower who gained Pentagon approval to testify on UFOs and aliens. The whistleblower claims the federal government runs secret programs nested in other programs that are tasked with the recovery and reverse engineering of exotic technology of non-human origin. He also claimed bodies were recovered.

And just this month, Mexico’s Congress heard testimony from a “UFO-ologist” about the supposed mummified body of an alien. Many contest the claims of Mexican Jaime Maussan that the body is real, and Twitter has been flooded with discussions and memes poking fun at it.

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