US Warns North Korea Will Pay for Helping Russia

( – The US government warned North Korean leader Kim Jong-un not to get involved with Russia’s war on Ukraine by supplying weapons, or they would “pay a price” for it.

Jake Sullivan, a national security adviser, told the press at the White House that it wouldn’t “reflect well on North Korea” to give weapons to Russia, which would result in them paying a price amongst “the international community.”

A US National Security Council spokesperson, Adrienne Watson, said that the two world leaders may be planning a meeting, possibly next week.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Kremlin had no comment when asked about the reaction by US officials to the news that Kim Jong-un plans to visit Russia sometime this month to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin for a discussion on supplying weapons to Moscow. Sullivan said that the North Korean leader expects to continue his discussion with Putin, maybe “even in person,” and that “Russia’s defense industrial base” needs to be continuously squeezed.

Sullivan said Russia is now “looking to whatever source can be found in order to keep up with goods and ammunition. Sullivan said the US “will continue to call on North Korea” to honor their commitments to not supply Russia with any weapons that “will end up killing” Ukrainian soldiers and civilians.

Sanctions were imposed by the US last month on three entities accused of having ties to arms deals between Russia and North Korea. And the war doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, with Ukraine launching a multi-target drone strike on Russia recently, which then retaliated.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, lawmakers in the US have been divided on how to respond to the war. Although there’s much bipartisan support, almost no Democrats are openly opposing involvement in the war, and very few Republicans are. One of the biggest voices speaking out about ending the conflict is former President Donald Trump, who says if he gets back in the White House, he could end the war in 24 hours.

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