Ukraine War With Russia May End SOON – Zelenskyy Raises Hope

Zelenskyy Confident War With Russia Will End Sooner Than Expected

Zelenskyy Confident War With Russia Will End Sooner Than Expected

( – The war isn’t going very well for Russia. President Vladimir Putin has lost an estimated 100,000 troops to injury or death. Ukraine is also managing to take back much of its lost territory. Now, the leader of the invaded country has made a prediction about what will happen next.

On November 14, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Kherson, a city recently vacated by the Russian military. The leader walked through the city, meeting with his soldiers who had been celebrating with residents of the city just days before. Zelenskyy handed out medals to soldiers who excelled.

The Hill reported Zelenskyy told the media the road to victory in Kherson was “long and hard.” He said, “The price of this war is high,” talking about the people who suffered injuries or who lost their lives. The president said he wants to start working toward peace and find a way to end the conflict. He believes the country is witnessing the “beginning of the end” of the conflict.

Putin, on the other hand, has not indicated he intends to negotiate a peace deal any time soon. In fact, the leader is actually taking criticism for pulling out of the region from one of his closest allies. Newsweek reported Alexander Dugin, the man known as his brain, recently accused him of “surrendering.”

Do you think the war is starting to wind down?

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