Ukraine in Active Negotiations With Russia

Ukraine in Active Negotiations With Russia

( – On March 29, peace talks between Ukraine and Russia kicked off in Istanbul. Negotiators are being hosted by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Although there haven’t been any significant breakthroughs, Ukraine has made some offers.

According to a report by The Guardian, the Ukrainian government offered to become neutral if it received security guarantees from western nations. That means the country is willing to give up its hope of becoming part of NATO. This was one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most steadfast demands when he invaded his neighbor and started bombing. The Russian leader has said keeping Ukraine out of the international alliance is vital to the security of its own nation.

Neutrality means Ukraine would not get involved in international conflicts, take a side, or provide military equipment to either party. However, there’s a problem with the promise. The country’s aspirations to become a part of NATO are written into its Constitution. In order to change it, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy would need the cooperation of 300 lawmakers in multiple sessions of the parliament. Then if the lawmakers support the measure, it would have to go to the country’s constitutional court to receive final approval.

It’s unclear yet exactly what concessions Putin will need before he stops attacking the country.

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