U.S. Military “PROJECT” Leads To Massive Embarrassment!

(USNewsMag.com) – In a tweet dated April 3, Robert Kennedy Jr. said that the disintegration of U.S. control over Saudi Arabia and the country’s fresh partnerships with Iran and China are terrible symbols of the abysmal collapse of the Neocon approach to preserving U.S. worldwide dominance via forceful models of military force.

He made this statement in reference to the policies of the Neocons, who have an unwavering faith that our nation ought to utilize its superior armed forces to become involved with attempting to manage issues in other countries.

Also, he provided a link to an article from Reuters that discussed how OPEC and its major oil-producing allies were reducing oil output in an attempt to drive up the cost of oil. They are doing this to defy the Biden administration. 

According to Kennedy, the conflict in Ukraine marks the culmination of the short-lived neoconservative project known as the ‘American Century.’ The Neocon projects in Ukraine and Iraq have resulted in a cost of $8.1 trillion, made an embarrassment of the United States’ military might and moral standing, drained out the nation’s middle class, annihilated the dollar’s status as an international currency, done absolutely nothing to strengthen democracy or win allies or authority, and caused millions of precious lives to be lost. 

He went on to suggest that China has supplanted the mighty United States by skillfully projecting its economic dominance rather than military might. Over the course of the last ten years, our nation has shelled out trillions of dollars attacking bridges, ports, airports, and roadways. China invested the same amount of money in constructing the exact same things throughout the developing countries.

His point was driven home even further the month before, in March, when President Obrador of Mexico lashed out at the United States Department of State for denouncing Mexico for abuses of human rights at a time when the regime of the Biden administration is attempting to return Julian Assange to the US, destroyed the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, and is attempting to incarcerate former President Trump. 

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