Twitter Just Banned One of Bill Clinton’s Most Ardent Critics

Twitter Just Banned One of Bill Clinton's Most Ardent Critics

( – Social media platforms have been repeatedly accused of targeting people who do not toe the liberal line. Juanita Broaddrick is certainly one of those people; she has been a loud critic of the Clinton family after accusing former President Bill Clinton of raping her in 1978. Recently, Twitter banned her but it wasn’t for anything she said against the former POTUS.

According to an email obtained by Fox News, Twitter banned Broaddrick for violating its terms of service by posting a misleading Tweet about the COVID-19 vaccine. She claimed in her post that the vaccine changes a person’s DNA, an allegation that has been widely debunked by the medical community. The social media company sent an email telling the former nursing home administrator she could restore her privileges by deleting the tweet in question.

However, a Twitter spokesperson told the Washington Times that Broaddrick’s account is permanently banned because she has allegedly violated the company’s Terms of Service repeatedly, specifically its policy against COVID-19 information. The spokesperson went on to say the company has “been clear” that accounts will permanently lose access to the platform.

It’s unclear how many times Twitter had previously banned Broaddrick’s account. She had more than half a million followers at the time of her ban.

Do you agree with Twitter’s policy of permanently banning users from its platform who repeatedly violate the Terms of Service?

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