Tulsi Gabbard Praises Glenn Youngkin Win, Declares “Victory” for America

Tulsi Gabbard Praises Glenn Youngkin Win, Declares

(USNewsMag.com) – The Left suffered a devastating blow when voters headed to the polls on Tuesday, November 2. Hopeful that Democrat Terry McAuliffe would beat out Republican Glenn Youngkin, Liberals went eerily quiet following the results. One Democrat, however, was happy to speak out and declare Youngkin’s win a resounding “victory for all Americans.”

Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) was happy with the results of the Virginia Gubernatorial race and wasted no time sharing her joy.

Speaking Out Against Her Party

Youngkin’s win, she claimed, was a “rejection of efforts to divide us” on a variety of issues, including education and wokeness. While Gabbard’s party affiliation is Democrat, she has no qualms about speaking out about the far left’s radical moves. In fact, she has done so several times already this year. In January, when the House removed gendered language from its documents, she called them out for it. Instead of empowering women, she said, this omission did the exact opposite and was hypocritical in nature.

Youngkin’s Win

Youngkin beat out his Democratic counterpart by nearly 3 points, 50.9% to 48.4%. The governor-elect ran on a campaign that opposed McAuliffe’s theory that parents shouldn’t be involved in their children’s education. Youngkin pledged to ban Critical Race Theory (CRT) — a controversial issue that’s been in the hot seat for months — on day one. He’s also a staunch supporter of gun rights and pro-life, both of which likely appealed to conservative voters and therefore solidified his victory.

Virginia Makes History

Youngkin’s win wasn’t the only one for Conservatives in Virginia. Winsome Sears made history when she won the Lieutenant Governor seat. She’s the first woman, and woman of color, to ever win that office in the state’s 400-year history.

Even some Democrats recognized this huge win for what it was. Democrat delegate Hala Ayala, who ran in opposition to Sears, reached out to congratulate Sears for her historical win, saying she was “paving the way for future women leaders who look like us.”

Those two wins were joined by a Texas district flipping Red, proving that maybe, just maybe, the Left’s radical ideas are not as well-received as many seem to think. Voters appear to have had enough of Progressives trying to push their ideals — such as trillions of dollars in socialist spending plans when inflation is already high — and they’re showing up in droves to make their voices heard.

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