Fox News’ Dark Secret CONFIRMED – They Did What!?

Tucker Carlson Fires Back at Jennifer Lawrence

( – Tucker Carlson’s biographer and journalist, Chadwick Moore, declared on May 22 that he entirely grasped the reason Fox News had suspended the popular ratings leader on April 24, and Carlson seemed to agree.

Moore tweeted the fact that he has spent the last year doing more than 100 hours of conversations and conducting extensive research for what would be the ultimate biography about Carlson, dubbed simply “Tucker.” Moore doesn’t want to wait for the biography to come out before people can find out the real reason Fox News cancelled his program.

Explaining that, rather than falling for the stereotypes that Carlson’s detractors spread, Moore had spent the previous year getting familiar with Carlson as a whole person. Along with his research, he met with Carlson’s colleagues and relatives.

He had regular guest appearances on Carlson’s program, and he found himself appearing on the last episode on April 21. He reported that he additionally saw the monologue that Carlson had intended to air on Monday, April 24th, only hours after the announcement from Fox News that the well-respected host was no longer able to present his show.

This speech addressed the ongoing investigations into Ray Epps, the sole individual seen on film encouraging violence and incursions into the Capitol on January 6. Epps is accused of being an FBI informant and is still free because he has not yet been detained or prosecuted.

Moore elaborated by noting the irony that some of the individuals in Carlson’s speech were actively attempting to silence him. As part of their deal with Fox, Dominion reportedly insisted on his firing. Dominion has rejected these claims, but Moore’s sources with knowledge about the matter have informed him that they are accurate.

If this is the case, the most prominent and powerful conservative advocate in the nation may be muzzled, until at least the next election for president, by a few individuals who run Dominion and others who have an interest in keeping Dominion active.

Carlson’s response was a tweet with the “eyes wide open” emoji.

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) May 22, 2023

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