Self SABOTAGE – Covert Scheme EXPOSED!

( – On June 6, Tucker Carlson released the first Twitter episode of his program, discussing the recent collapse of the dam at Nova Kakhovka in Ukraine. It led to the potential meltdown of a large nuclear power station and the flooding of the Dnieper River.

The dam served a purpose in Crimea by regulating the flow of water to the region. Overnight, the dam collapsed, depleting the reservoir of water cooling the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station and releasing a deluge of flooding.

Media reports have suggested that Russia was involved in the dam’s collapse. Carlson stated that there is little reason for the Russian president, Putin, to authorize an assault on the infrastructure that supplies territory that Russia controls.

Someone may have blown up the Ukrainian Kahkovka dam, he stated. If this was done on purpose, it wasn’t a strategic move but a possible terrorist attack. The mystery is who was responsible.

Carlson claimed that the Kakhovka dam had been de facto Russian territory. It was constructed by Russia to provide the necessary water for Crimea. It is now part of Russian territory. The Ukrainian government was considering dismantling the dam because, although it would be terrible for Ukraine, it would be far worse for Russia.

In December 2022, the Washington Post published an article in which a Ukrainian commander revealed that his country had used American military weapons to conduct a test strike against the dam. As more information emerges, the mystery of the dam’s collapse begins to fade. Any reasonable person would believe that the Ukrainians were responsible for the explosion.

Carlson then poked fun at the media and others who support war for their haste in accusing Putin of orchestrating strikes on his country’s infrastructure. He also chided the pro-war leaders of the US for allegedly holding Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, in high esteem.

At the start of the year, Carlson said that he would launch a show on Twitter. He likened his show to the “short-wave radio” broadcasts that helped educate Soviet residents about the West.

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