Tucker Carlson Fires Back at Jennifer Lawrence

Tucker Carlson Fires Back at Jennifer Lawrence

Tucker Carlson FIRES BACK At Hollywood Starlet’s “Dreams” About Him

(USNewsMag.com) – In a Vogue interview in early September, Jennifer Lawrence touched on the topic of politics and how it’s affected her family. During the sit-down, she discussed her therapy sessions where she talks about a recurring nightmare she has involving Fox News host Tucker Carlson. He has now responded to her remarks.

On September 6, Carlson directly addressed Lawrence’s remarks in his typical humor. He and Trace Gallagher, a Fox News anchor, discussed the interview with the A-list actress. Carlson responded, “maybe it’s the sexy glasses.”

Lawrence’s statement came as she was discussing the treacherous waters she’s navigating with her family, including her father, trying to forgive them for the fallout they had following the 2016 election, when former President Donald Trump beat out then-candidate Hillary Clinton. Lawrence was firmly against Trump, but not quite on Hillary’s side. Then, the overturning of Roe v. Wade happened, and it seemingly undid the progress she had made towards reestablishing a relationship.

Carlson formerly said Lawrence had “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” which is what Gallagher thinks sparked her comments in the first place. Regardless, blaming a news host for the political landscape of the country seems like a bit of a stretch.

What do you think? Is Carlson truly a problematic reporter, as Lawrence claims, or is she simply blowing this all out of proportion?

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