Truth UNLEASHED – 9/11 Survivors CHALLENGE Biden!

( – Over 1,800 people, including 9/11 first responders, survivors, and victims’ family members, have signed a letter to President Joe Biden urging the federal government to “stand up” for 9/11 victims and release all evidence related to the role played by Saudi agents in the terrorist attacks of 2001.

Ever since the events of September 11, 2001, when the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked, questions have been raised about what exactly took place on that day and how it was allowed to happen. One of those questions is what role Saudi Arabia played in the events, which is where most of the Islamic extremists who committed the crimes came from.

Many victims and relatives of the two ground attacks as well as the downed United Flight 93 have spent the last 22 years demanding the federal government hold Saudi Arabia accountable for its connection to the attacks. Now they are petitioning for a response from the Biden administration.

A representative of these families, Brett Eagleson, who is president of the organization 9/11 Justice, said the victims and first responders are at “wit’s end” trying to get answers and that he “never would’ve imagined” having to fight their own government “this hard” to obtain “closure and accountability.”

Eagleson said the purpose of the letter is “to draw attention to the fact” that Biden issued an executive order to federal agencies to release any documents related to 9/11 two years ago and that the CIA, FBI, and other three-letter agencies have ignored the order.

The letter calls on the president to prioritize the victims’ interests over those of the Saudi Arabian government and terrorists like Khalil Sheikh Mohammed; to refuse to “bow to the demands” of any government officials who care more about their reputation than transparency; and to support the victims’ search for “truth and justice” for the crimes committed on 9/11.

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