Trump Promises Massive Deportation Plan If Elected Again

( – Like his first time around, former President Donald Trump is making a huge promise that will be difficult to deliver: mass deportations of illegal immigrants.

At one of his stops in Iowa, Trump spoke to a large crowd of supporters and said he would “immediately terminate every open border policy” that President Joe Biden and his administration enacted and follow what he called the “Eisenhower model.” Trump said President Dwight D. Eisenhower “was very tough on the border.”

The former president then promised that if elected in 2024, his administration would “carry out the largest domestic deportation operation” in the country’s history. Trump made the same promise in 2016, but throughout his first term, he wasn’t able to follow through, and it would’ve cost a substantial amount of money if he did.

Trump spoke at another rally in Iowa earlier in the day and denounced the Democrats as a “lunatic regime of fascists, communists, and everything else.” Trump said they’ve ruined history’s “most secure border” by rolling back his policies and allowing illegal immigration with little pushback. Most Republicans will agree, although many take it further and argue the Democratic Party is actively encouraging illegal immigration.

“It’s a terrible, terrible thing,” Trump told the crowd, but then promised that when he and his people “get in,” they will “be able to stop it.” The former president and 2024 GOP front-runner promised to stop the “scourge” of gang violence from illegal aliens “once and for all” by invoking the Alien Enemies Act. Trump said his act would “remove all known or suspected gang members.”

Trump promised that he “will shift massive portions” of the federal government’s law enforcement toward immigration. He also promised to “bring back the travel ban.” Trump said Republicans are very good people,” but that he believes “they have to get tougher.”

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