WATCH: Donald Trump’s $1,000,000 “Throw” Caught On Camera!

( – Former President Donald Trump’s popularity momentarily saw an uptick when an old video from 1992 began to circulate again on the same day of Super Bowl LVII. Trump impressed a crowd at a fundraiser event called the Stargaze Shootout, which was reportedly hosted by Jim Kelley, a four-time AFC champion quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. 

The event was divided into two parts. First, participants had to throw the football through a small hole. If they made it, they would then go on to the second round where they stood much farther. If they made that, they would win $1 million for charity, according to The Western Journal

Right before stepping up, Trump was asked by NBC’s Paul Maguire if he was nervous. Responding to him, Trump said, “nervous as hell.” But the young Trump prepared himself and squared off with the football, throwing it perfectly 10 to 15 feet away. The success caused the crowd to go wild with cheer. Trump’s then-girlfriend Marla Maples was also seen celebrating the throw. 

NBC’s Cris Collinsworth played it up asking Trump how he did it. Trump also appeared stunned, saying that he did not know. He called it luck and asked, “who says there’s no luck in football?”

While Trump went on to the second round, he missed getting the football through the target. But because the target was much farther away, even Kelley did not make it. 

The Kansas City Chiefs went on to win the Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35. The teams were evenly matched as their records were nearly identical (16-3), according to NPR. However, Philadelphia was slightly more favored by 1.5 points. 

Following the win, Chiefs backup quarterback Chad Henne confirmed rumors that began to circulate in the 2022 offseason and announced that he is going to retire. 

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