Trump Issues STERN Warning To DeSantis – Will He Obey?

Trump Threatens DeSantis if He Runs for President

Trump Threatens DeSantis if He Runs for President

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) had an incredible showing during his midterm bid for another four years. He won reelection by nearly 20 points and became the first Republican to pick up Miami-Dade in two decades. The media frenzy over his possible 2024 candidacy is getting louder. However, one prominent conservative is not happy about it.

Prior to the midterms, former President Donald Trump made it clear that he did not believe DeSantis should throw his hat in the ring for 2024. The Wall Street Journal reported the 45th POTUS discussed the possibility during an interview outside of a polling location, saying he didn’t know if Florida’s governor was going to run but “he could hurt himself very badly” if he does. Trump went on to say that he believed DeSantis “would be making a mistake” because there was unflattering information about the governor that Trump himself could reveal.

In a series of posts on Truth Social, the former president was even more vocal. He credited himself with DeSantis’ 2018 win, saying he bolstered the conservative in the primary race against former Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam (R). Then during the general election, Trump said he “fixed [DeSantis’] campaign, which had completely fallen apart.” He went on to say he “sent in the FBI and the U.S. Attorneys” to stop alleged “ballot theft.”

DeSantis has not responded as of this writing.

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