Toy Box to Box Office – Barbie Sequel Plans?!

( – After making an astounding $1 billion, a sequel to the Barbie movie is already in the works. The massive box office success of the Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling film has prompted talks of a sequel.

The cast and crew who worked on the film have been contacted to talk about a follow-up to the Barbie movie. Details need to be discussed and deals need to be made, but everything is on track for a follow-up to the popular Barbie movie.

Initial development for the movie started in 2009, when it was announced that Mattel had signed a deal to develop the project with Universal Pictures. Over several years, the project was passed around with a variety of screenplays and actors attached. In 2016, the title role was given to Amy Schumer, who later backed out due to conflicts.

In 2018, Robbie went to the toy company Mattel and asked for the rights. She pitched the film to studio executives, suggesting the film could make a billion dollars, which it did. Robbie also had a hand in the casting and said she picked actors based on their Barbie energy.

Barbie was directed and co-written by writer, director, and actress Greta Gerwig, and her director and screenwriter husband Noah Baumbach and Margie Robbie produced it. The movie had the largest opening weekend of any film directed by a woman.

Male-oriented and franchise-driven films are, unsurprisingly, the majority in the billion-dollar club. Presently, over 53 movies have surpassed one billion dollars in revenue. Barbie is one of only nine female protagonists at the center. Mattel is hoping to see more franchises based on their toys, including a Lena Dunham-led project about Polly Pocket.

Currently, no concrete news of a second Barbie movie has been announced by Mattel or Warner Bros., but it’s only a matter of time. Since it can take several years for a movie to go from concept to theaters, moviegoers may have to wait until 2025 or 2026 for Barbie 2.

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