Total DENIAL – He’s Not Fooling ANYONE

( – President Joe Biden declared on June 26 that he indeed did not lie when he indicated he had never discussed the overseas business dealings of the Biden family with Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden told a reporter, “No,” in response to their inquiry.

Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich questioned President Joe Biden at an event about the nation’s economic issues he hosted in the White House’s East Room about whether he lied about never having spoken to Hunter regarding his business ventures.

Nearly twenty items of evidence undermine Joe Biden’s assertions that he has never discussed the family’s foreign business interests with his son.

The White House attempted to revise its explanation of Joe Biden’s position in his family’s business operations on June 23, saying that Biden, serving as Vice President at the time, was “not in business” with his son.

When the media pressed the White House for comment on the IRS whistleblower’s claims that Joe Biden and his son Hunter were present during Hunter Biden’s demand for money over WhatsApp to a CCP-linked contact, the White House’s reaction shifted.

The White House issued a statement reiterating their previous denials that the President and his son were business partners.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Chris Clark, confessed that his client was the author of the WhatsApp message and blamed the controversy on a third party while attempting to disassociate Joe Biden from being involved with the situation.

According to him, his client went through a lot of trouble and substance abuse throughout the time frame of the DOJ inquiry. His client’s dreadful addiction has nothing to do with anybody in his family, and his actions and comments at this time are all his own, the lawyer said.

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of California threatened impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Merrick Garland on June 25 in response to allegations made by an IRS whistleblower. The Justice Department’s investigation into allegations of tax fraud by Hunter Biden seems to have placed him in the spotlight. If the whistleblower charges are proven genuine, McCarthy stated, an impeachment action will be initiated.

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