Top Democrat’s WIFE Caught – They Found A Trial!

( – A watchdog group has uncovered documents that show California Governor Gavin Newsom’s wife may have made millions of dollars through her nonprofit organization by charging public schools to screen her documentaries.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom has written and directed multiple documentary films focused on “gender justice.” According to Open the Books, The Great American Lie, and Fair Play have been viewed by millions of students in 5,000 schools. Along with the fees charged to stream the films, Newsom’s nonprofit, the Representation Project, provides supplementary curriculums. 

The Representation Project states that its goal is to fight for “gender justice” through activism and films. Since it was founded in 2011, the organization has charged schools on average $270 for a license to stream Newsom’s documentaries. According to Open the Books, the nonprofit charged California public schools $49 to $599 for the ability to show the films to their students. The curriculums offered by the organization have gone out to over 11,000 classrooms. 

One of the curriculums provided by the Representation Project titled “The Mask You Live In” teaches elementary school students how they may be objectifying and degrading women. It is based on another film Newsom created by the same name. According to the website, the curriculum is available for kindergarten through college-aged students. The film is rated appropriate for audiences 15 and older. 

While the description of the curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school students says that it includes “age-appropriate film clips,” a parent of a middle school student in California filed a complaint after his 12-year-old daughter was shown the film. Blurred images of nude females and mature content were described as “profane and disgusting,” by the father. The district’s superintendent described the images as “troubling” and inappropriate for the age group. 

While the incident was blamed on a substitute teacher who accidentally played a version of the film, intended for older students, the superintendent of the school district indicated that the documentary had not been approved by the school administrator as it should have been and accordingly should not have been shown in the classroom. 

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