Too Far! He Said The UNTHINKABLE Out Loud

( – During a meeting on May 10 to address HR 2, Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA) argued that Republicans would happily see slavery return by abusing migrants who are crossing the border.

The ‘Secure the Border Act of 2023’, HR 2, mandates a number of measures, including the deportation of illegal migrants who have been ordered to return to their country and leave the US, the use of E-Verify (a digital job eligibility confirmation system), the elimination of requests for asylum from people who cross the border illegally by not entering through official entry ports, and the construction of a physical wall along the southern border.

Johnson criticized the measure as the GOP’s effort to vilify immigrants. The bill would make attacking an officer of the law a deportable felony. He said that the US desperately needs more immigrants to prevent widespread starvation. Those migrants are contributing to our ability to feed ourselves and our families. We can’t put food on the table without them.

Johnson claimed that Republicans enjoy seeing the migrants queuing up at the border while the committee addressed HR 2 throughout the session. They see it as a source of cheap labor that can be exploited for little or no pay.

He went on to say that Republicans would welcome the return of slavery if they could, but would settle for paying workers $1 per hour instead. That’s the downward spiral we’re in because of all the immigrants waiting to cross the border. Even though Republicans claim they despise the current situation, he believes that “they savor it.”

About 600,000 migrants were estimated to have avoided U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in FY2020, Trump’s last fiscal year in office. Biden supervised 1,734,686 avoidances in FY2021. There were 2,378,944 interactions in FY2022. Over 1.2 million illegal aliens were encountered by U.S. border officers in FY2023.

Seven areas of the southern border’s migrant processing facilities exceed capacity.

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