Tom Cruise Accused of Emotionally Abusing Employees

Tom Cruise Accused of Emotionally Abusing Employees

( – Over the last several years, some of Hollywood’s most prominent stars have been canceled after facing allegations of abuse (both sexual and verbal). Tom Cruise is no stranger to these rumblings. Now, he’s back in the news again.

Cruise’s former manager, 86-year-old Eileen Berlin spoke to The Daily Mail recently about the actor. She claimed he had a “terrible temper” when he started working in the industry. She alleged he presented talent agents with a list of demands, even when nobody knew who he was. The list allegedly included that he be put in the “most favorable dressing room” and a “1st class hotel.”

Berlin told the news outlet that one time, Cruise was so angry at his father that he took a present he’d been given and hit her in the face with it. She described him as “very self-centered.”

As mentioned, the agent isn’t the first person to accuse Cruise of behaving badly. Former Scientologist Leah Remini has called him an “abusive person.” In 2020, he was caught on video yelling at people on set for allegedly not following COVID-19 restrictions.

Berlin said she feels “sad” for Cruise. She worries that he’s lonely.

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