TikTok Bans Newest Viral Challenge

TikTok Bans Newest Viral Challenge

(USNewsMag.com) – Dangerous internet trends are nothing new. There was the salt and ice challenge that left kids with severe burns. Then there was the blackout challenge, where kids choked themselves, resulting in the death of at least one child. Now, TikTok is taking action against videos depicting a new viral challenge that’s leaving kids with injuries.

The social media app is banning the milk crate challenge from its platform, citing safety concerns. The trend concerns people, mostly teens and young adults, stacking milk crates, making a pyramid shape and then walking up and down them. Oftentimes, the structure collapses, causing the daredevils to fall.

TikTok released a statement to the press explaining its platform “prohibits content that promotes or glorifies dangerous acts.” Thus, the milk crate videos violate the app’s Community Guidelines.

TikTok’s decision came after doctors warned about the challenge. Dr. Rajwinder Deu, a John Hopkins University professor of orthopedic surgery, told USA Today that “all injuries are on the table,” including torn ligaments and dislocated hips, when people try to walk on the crates. The severity of their injuries depends on how they fall. If individuals hit their heads, it could result in concussions or even death, depending on how they land when hitting the ground or some object nearby.

In other words, don’t tempt gravity.

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