This “GREEN” Option Just Got Even More Expensive!

( – A recent report produced by the Anderson Economic Group (AEG) has revealed that under current gas and electricity prices, it is less expensive to drive a gas-powered car 100 miles than it is to drive an electric vehicle. 

According to the report, as of January 24, 2023, it would cost an average of $11.29 to drive 100 miles in a traditional internal combustion engine-powered vehicle. If an electric vehicle owner charged their car at home, it would cost them $11.60 for the same distance. For those who use public vehicle recharging stations, the cost would be $14.40. The prices quoted in the report are specific to vehicles in the mid-price range. 

For luxury cars, 100 miles in a gas-powered vehicle would cost the owner $19.96. For high-end electric vehicles, the trip would cost $12.40 if charged at home, and $15.95 if charged at a charging station. The data for electric vehicles included taxes and fees specific to charging stations. It also accounted for what is referred to as “deadhead miles,” or the cost of driving to a charging station. In some areas of the country, electric vehicle owners who do not charge their cars at home can be forced to drive for miles to reach a charging station. The electricity required to drive to a location where the battery can be recharged is considered a somewhat hidden operating cost. For gas-powered vehicles, the abundance of gas stations eliminates that issue. 

The issue is not unique to American drivers. The Telegraph recently reported that rising energy prices have resulted in electric cars becoming more expensive to operate than their traditional gas-powered counterparts. According to the article, for drivers traveling longer distances, between the two types of vehicles, electric-powered drives cost an average of 10 more pounds. 

Officials in the United States and the United Kingdom are encouraging their citizens to switch to electric vehicles in an attempt to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and reach the ambitious Net-Zero goals set forth by the governments. 

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