Third Party QUALIFIES – 2024 Bombshell Decision!

( – Democrats in Arizona are worried that a qualified third party on the ballot for the upcoming 2024 election will jeopardize their plans because they see that it could be a party that might divide the votes, thus hurting their chances of winning.

The No Labels Party’s goal is to form a unified front to fight extremist candidates from the two main political parties, and its members are actively pursuing ballot access in all of the 50 states. They have already been granted access to the ballots in Colorado, and now they have done so in Arizona as well. In the case that both main parties nominate divisive candidates, they are going to put forward a unity choice in the 2024 contests, including the Senate and Presidency state elections.

Arizona’s new Democrat Secretary of State, Adrian Fontes, has promised to work with election officials in each county to guarantee they are ready for the 2024 election, which would include a new political party on the state’s ballot. After collecting enough signatures, the No Labels Party will be a legitimate political party in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Third Way, a Democrat research group, issued a document attacking the party, saying it would hurt Democrats in Arizona. It was said in the document that the No Labels Party “cannot win the presidency,” and that Trump would be elected as a result. They see them as a danger to the re-election of President Biden since they have committed $46 million to the initiative and want to compete in areas that Biden typically won in 2020.

The Arizona Democrat Party may face internal strife in next year’s senate contest. Senator Kyrsten Sinema, the incumbent, once a Democrat, switched to the independent party in December. Democrat Representative Ruben Gallego declared his candidacy for the seat in January, setting up a potential clash with Independent Representative Sinema, although she has not declared her candidacy for re-election yet.

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