They KNEW?! Liberal Media Does The Unthinkable!

( – According to a May 26 Department of Justice statement, environmental activists in Washington, D.C., Timothy Martin and Joanna Smith, damaged a sculpture during a demonstration that was announced in advance to the Washington Post.

The Department of Justice revealed that the activist organization had tipped off the Washington Post and that two Post reporters had documented the incident with photographs and video. Others in the activist group also documented the crime on camera.

In addition to conspiracy to carry out an act against the United States, the statement noted that Martin and Smith had been charged with damage to a National Gallery of Art display. They are accused of damaging Edgar Degas’s “Little Dancer, Age Fourteen” display on April 27 by bringing plastic water bottles containing black and red paint, kneeling at the sculpture’s base, and smearing paint on the sculpture’s display case. Photographs of the two posing in front of the vandalized exhibition with paint remaining on their hands were uploaded on Declare Emergency’s website.

The maximum sentence for each countable offense is five years in jail. Although not specifically mentioned in the indictment, the Washington Post was given notice of the impending attack.

As representatives of the protest group Declare Emergency, Martin and Smith have also been involved in disrupting traffic in the D.C. area in order to pressure President Joe Biden to proclaim a climate emergency to put an end to the development of fossil fuels.

The A22 Network, of which Declare Emergency is a member, is a network of activist organizations funded mostly by the Climate Emergency Fund, whose benefactors include Chelsea Handler, a comedian, and Aileen Getty, a member of the Getty family who is involved in the petroleum industry.

The Department of Justice stated in its press release that the sculpture was taken down from exhibition for 10 days and that the cost of repairs was $2,400. The ribbons, silk, and human hair in the sculpture are all over a century old.

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