They ARRESTED Him – He’s OUT Of Office!

( – After Anthony DeFillipo, the Democrat Mayor of North Miami Beach, was arrested for unlawful voting on June 5th, Florida Governor and Republican Ron DeSantis suspended him.

On May 31, law enforcement officials detained DeFilllipo on three charges of “unqualified elector willfully voting.” Local elected officials in Florida may be suspended for a variety of reasons, including committing a crime, neglecting their responsibilities, being incompetent, engaging in misconduct, or being intoxicated while in office. DeFillipo’s fate, whether it be reinstatement or removal from office, now rests in the hands of the Florida state Senate.

By executive order, DeSantis removed DeFillipo from his position as mayor of North Miami Beach, citing his belief that doing so would serve the interests of Floridians and North Miami Beach residents.

According to the decision, while DeFillipo is suspended, he is not allowed to receive any allowance or compensation, is not entitled to any of the perks or emoluments of his public office, and is not allowed to carry out any official functions, duties, or acts of public office.

The allegations center on DeFillipo’s acquisition and occupancy of a residence in a jurisdiction other than the one in which he registered to vote. While he was having marital problems, he supposedly bought a house for his estranged family to live in. Although he was no longer eligible to vote in 2022 in North Miami Beach, authorities claim he used the new address as his regular residence and voted three times in North Miami Beach.

Although DeFillipo claims that his acts were an accident, he has acknowledged the charges. As human beings, we are all fallible.

Mike Pizzi, DeFillipo’s lawyer, said that the state’s fraudulent allegations were brought for political reasons. There was no proof offered to back up his assertions.

According to Katherine Fernandez Rundle, State Attorney, investigations showed that on the days DeFillipo voted, he left his Davie residence, drove to Miami-Dade to vote, and then returned to Davie later that day.

Each count of the offense carries a potential punishment of five years in jail.

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