These Religious Leaders Covered Up Years of Abuse, Report Finds

These Religious Leaders Covered Up Years of Abuse, Report Finds

Years Of ABUSE Discovered Inside Church – Look Who Was Behind It

( – The Catholic Church has taken a lot of criticism, for good reason, over the years for its handling of abuse scandals. Meanwhile, abuse in other denominations has seemingly flown under the radar. A new report has now blown the lid off of some of the abuse in another religious organization.

On Sunday, May 22, leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) released a report that found America’s largest Protestant denomination has covered up sexual abuse for decades. The report, 288 pages long, lays bare the abuses within the organization. The investigation found the SBC Executive Committee (EC) “closely guarded information” about lawsuits and cases of abuse, keeping the information confidential and “were singularly focused on avoiding liability.”

When victims and others presented their cases of abuse, the report states they were often ignored or not believed. The EC repeatedly claimed it could take no action even when it meant child molesters would continue to work in churches. Worse, the committee never warned churches or congregations where those molesters were working — allowing the abuse to continue.

The EC also attacked victims and disparaged them when they took the difficult step to report what happened to them. The committee lied to Southern Baptists about whether they could create a database of abusers, meanwhile, they were secretly keeping a private list.

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