These GOP Lawmakers Just Became TARGETS For 2024!

( – In an effort to try to retake control of the House in 2024, Democrats have set their eyes on New York and Rep. George Santos, as they try to reclaim six seats in the state.

On Feb. 27, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will begin a campaign to target five Republican House members from New York who they say took donation money from Santos. The five Republicans all claimed seats in districts carried by President Biden in 2020. There are 18 seats across the U.S. that Biden carried in 2020 and flipped Republican in the 2022 midterm, including the six in New York.

The five House members from New York, Rep. Brandon Williams, Rep. Nick LaLota, Rep. Mike Lawler, Rep. Marc Molinaro and Rep. Anthony D’Esposito, have all condemned Santos and called for his resignation. After learning of Santos’ financial issue, D’Esposito and Molinaro returned the donations. The ads ask why they took the donations in the first place. The ads targeting Williams, LaLota, and Lawler, ask if they will return the donations.

Refusing to give up his House seat unless the House expels him, Santos is facing investigations from federal, state and local authorities. He also admitted he lied about parts of his resume. Seven Democrats have been leading a charge to get Santos expelled. In the history of the House 5 members have been expelled, including one representative-elect. The last House member was expelled 20 years ago.

While Santos originally said he would not run for a second term, Santos has recently said he is considering running for re-election. The Democrats are using this to attack New York Republicans.

In response to the attack by Democrats, Santos spoke out backing former President Trump in the 2024.

House Majority PAC is also launching a $45 million campaign in New York to help Democrats in 2024. 

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