These GOP Candidates Could Conquer California!

( – In Louisiana, Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards is nearing the end of his tenure. Many Republicans are confident that they can retake the governor’s office in November. They are competing for a chance and campaigning on themes like reducing taxes, education, and crime.

On October 14, Louisiana will have an open primary where all candidates, irrespective of party membership, will compete. The two candidates who receive the most votes will then compete during the November 18th general election if no candidate receives a majority of the votes.

On Oct. 14, all candidates in Louisiana’s open primary will compete. If no candidate wins a majority, the top two will go to the November 18 general election.

Jeff Landry, Attorney General, served in the Army, law enforcement, and Louisiana’s 2011–2013 U.S. House. He wants to safeguard Louisiana families as a rule-of-law candidate. Landry wants to improve child literacy and grow the economy.

John Schroder, State Treasurer, was a U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division special agent and served in the state legislature. He supports government financial openness as a successful businessman. He will work to cut taxes and regulations and boost Louisiana employment.

An Independent, Hunter Lundy, a lawyer, may challenge Landry as he leans more conservative than the Attorney General.

Louisiana State Representative Richard Nelson, a former officer of the State Department, has represented District 89 since 2019. To boost business competitiveness and government efficiency, he would repeal the income tax for the state of Louisiana. He aims to boost literacy to improve education.

Stephen Waguespack, former LA Business Association president, was chief of staff for Bobby Jindal, former Louisiana governor. He wants educational choice, fiscal reform, and less regulation and bureaucracy in the state’s government.

State Senator Sharon Hewitt supports less government, reduced taxes, and school choice. Since 2016, she has represented District 1 and currently chairs the Legislative Delegation for the Senate Republicans and the Committee for Senate and Government Affairs.

Wilson, the only Democrat candidate, was appointed Transportation and Development Secretary in 2016 by Governor Edwards and resigned in March 2023.

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