The Wait List For This $100,000+ Car Just Skyrocketed

Humvee Electric Car Wait List Skyrockets

Humvee Electric Vehicle Wait List Skyrockets

( – Electric vehicles have come a long way in design and durability. Ford has the Lightning, a battery-powered version of its popular pickup truck line, while GMC has created an electric version of its beloved Hummer. However, the price of the vehicle has skyrocketed.

General Motors introduced a line of electric Hummers earlier this year. Interest in the vehicles, which include both SUVs and trucks, was immense. In September, the company announced it was closing reservations for its waitlist because it had reached more than 90,000. The list of requests won’t be fulfilled completely until 2024.

In September, CNBC reported the price of one of the vehicles was between $85,000 and $111,000. However, they’re reselling at more than twice that price.

An EV Hummer pickup truck sold for $225,500 at an auction in Houston. According to the description on the auction house’s website, the 2022 vehicle was the fifth to be produced in that particular line. The odometer had only 80 miles logged on it. In July, one of the vehicles sold for $324,500 at an auction in Las Vegas.

The price of these vehicles is soaring as the demand grows. Fewer than 800 of the new EVs have been delivered to customers on the waitlist.

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