Texas Officer Shot And Killed Pursuing 2 Men Along The Border

(USNewsMag.com) – On Oct. 17, a 30-year-old veteran police officer was shot and killed near the southern border in Texas after a pursuit of two men who fled from a traffic stop.

San Benito, Texas, police officer Lt. Milton Resendez was killed when a bullet passed through the door of his patrol car and struck Resendez below his body armor in the abdomen, according to San Benito Police Department Chief Mario Perea.

Rogelio Martinez Jr., 18, of Brownsville, as well as Rodrigo Axel Espinosa Valdez, 23, of Mexico, face charges of capital murder, evading arrest, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz, It is unknown at this time if Valdez was legally in the United States.

The truck was first stopped by officers because it was seen speeding on the beach on South Padre Island. Two men, two women, and two children were in the truck. Saenz stated that while the driver was being questioned, the passenger started the truck and sped off as the driver jumped into the truck bed. The women and children were able to exit the vehicle during the pursuit.

The two men exchanged gunfire with officers, who eventually lost sight of the truck in Brownsville. Six hours after the initial stop, another pursuit began after the two men were seen in Brownsville in an SUV. The second chase led to San Benito, where Resendez was shot, before ending in Brownsville, where the two men were arrested after they attempted to flee after the SUV was disabled by police.

Resendez worked for the San Benito Police Department for most of his career. Perea said that Resendez is “not just a coworker; he’s part of our family now.” He also stated that Resendez “cared about everyone.”

On Twitter, former Texas Rep. Mayra Nohemi Flores called the killing of Resendez “utterly disgusting.” Flores added that “border-related violence is real” and that every day, American lives are at risk.

The Texas Rangers are conducting an investigation.

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