Terrorist LABEL Incoming? – Big Proposal Rocks Congress!

(USNewsMag.com) – After Atlanta protests of a police training facility left equipment at the facility on fire, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said she would introduce legislation March 7 to declare Antifa a terrorist organization.

An organization that calls itself “Stop Cop City” has been organizing protests of the construction of the new Atlanta Public Safety Training Center that is currently being built. The group is protesting the facility, stating it believes the new facility aids in the militarization of the police. The group also is protesting over environmental concerns due to the loss of trees.

The group began its protests after the approval of the $90 million building in 2021, first camping out overnight on the property where the building is being constructed on. In January, during an effort to clear the construction site, protests broke out after a shooting between an environmental activist and police, which led to the death of Manuel Esteban Paez Teran. As a result, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp had to issue a state of emergency. Since December, 19 people have been arrested and charged with domestic terrorism, with six of the 19 stemming from the January incident.

After the March 5 protests left a vehicle at the facility on fire, the building was put on lockdown and arrests were made. On March 5, Greene tweeted video from the scene, blaming Antifa and declaring she would be introducing a resolution to declare them a terrorist organization. She said in a separate tweet that the confrontation was planned for weeks.

In 2021, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert introduced a resolution to declare Antifa a terrorist organization in the House which was controlled at the time by Democrats. Antifa, 

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