Teen Boy Could Face 70 Years in Prison for Inappropriate Exchanges

Teen Boy Could Face 70 Years in Prison for Inappropriate Exchanges

Teen Boy’s Text Messages Could Land Him a LIFETIME In The Clink

(USNewsMag.com) – Camera phones revolutionized the world. Suddenly, millions of people, including teens, found they had the ability to snap and send photos to anyone at any time. That has also led to very serious problems, and now a teenager is facing decades in prison.

In September 2021, federal authorities arrested 18-year-old Eric Beyer Jr. and charged him with sexual exploitation of a child and production of child pornography. According to court documents, the FBI worked with a Kansas police department and took him into custody after a search warrant uncovered nude photos of two 16-year-old girls on his phone that were sent to him over Snapchat.

The photos were allegedly sent from another state, making it a federal crime. Reports indicate he received the pics when he was 17.

At the time got the photos, he’d created a fake account on the social media site and contacted girls around his age. The FBI became involved in June 2021 and launched an investigation. It wasn’t until September, a month after he turned 18, that federal authorities carried out the search warrant.

Beyer is now facing up to 70 years in prison. His mother, Jessica Meloney, told Reason that while she thinks her son should face punishment, putting him in prison “for longer than he’s been alive” is a miscarriage of justice.

The teenager is now 19 and has been incarcerated while he awaits trial since his arrest.

What do you think about the case? Should the teen face prison time for consensual sexting?

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