Ted Cruz’s Warning – Biden To Drop Out of 2024 And Be Replaced

(USNewsMag.com) – Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz warned that he believes President Joe Biden will back out of his 2024 re-election campaign and drop out of the race. But his theory of who he believes the Democratic Party will tap to replace Biden is even more interesting.

In a recent episode of his podcast called Verdict with Ted Cruz, which he started in January 2020 during the impeachment of then-President Donald Trump, Cruz brought up the possibility that Michelle Obama may replace Biden in the 2024 race.

On an episode released on September 18, Cruz discussed the 2024 presidential election with co-host Ben Ferguson and said “the scenario” that he thinks “is perhaps the most likely and most dangerous” is that the “kingmakers” of that Democratic Party will “jettison” Biden to “parachute in Michelle Obama.” Cruz called this possibility “a very serious danger.”

According to Cruz, the former first lady would be an easy choice because she wouldn’t disrupt the Democratic Party. The GOP senator said Michelle Obama wouldn’t “infuriate African-American women,” which he called “a critical part” of the party’s constituency relied upon to win. He also said Michelle Obama as the nominee would avoid the problem of rivalry amongst the other candidates, who would be more likely to unify under her.

Cruz added that he doesn’t think the former first lady is “all that eager to run for president,” but that getting dropped at the last minute and suddenly waking up as president is “not a bad gig.”

The theory floated by Cruz isn’t far-fetched, and although it is interesting, it also isn’t original. For months now, the possibility of Michelle Obama running for the Democratic nomination has been floated and discussed among pundits on both sides.

Cruz said the odds of the former first lady getting “parachuted” in seem more likely as the media seems to slowly begin turning on Biden. He said this possibility “ought to scare the hell out of anyone… unhappy about the direction” of the country, and who doesn’t want to see it get worse?

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