Ted Cruz GOES OFF – He’s Calling Them Out!

(USNewsMag.com) – The Senate Judiciary Committee discussed the ethics of the Supreme Court on May 2. At Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearing, Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas accused Democrats in the Senate and former Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Joe Biden of carrying out a “high-tech lynching.”

Democrats and liberal activists have complained that the legal system has become political. Since Thomas’s confirmation in 1991, Cruz has recited a laundry list of times the political left has attacked him for purported bigotry.

Cruz lamented that it was disheartening to witness the same group using the same dirty tactics from 30 years ago. Democrats in the Senate and the media are running a dual campaign. First, they want to discredit the Supreme Court of the United States due to their frustration with the court’s majority of constitutionalists.

But second, this is obviously a political effort to discredit Justice Thomas. The reason for this is obvious: the left hates him. The liberals hate Thomas because he is a conservative African-American.

Cruz referenced a caricature of Thomas that read, “Uncle Thomas: Lawn Jockey for The Far Right,” calling it nothing but racist venom.

This is the biased disdain the left has toward the right and any black conservative. It’s crucial that everyone realizes that this has nothing to do with ethics in the judicial system. It isn’t about universal judicial ethics rules, but about treating Thomas differently from everyone else.

Cruz said the progressive left is after Thomas because he used a private plane and took lavish trips paid for by a real estate mogul from Texas. Cruz claims Justice Stephen Breyer took more expensive trips than Justice Thomas did, but Democrats have been silent. He clarified that he was not implying that Justice Breyer was corrupt but rather that the committee itself was crooked for the unequal treatment.

Nearly a year after the attempted murder of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, he accused the Democrats senators of intending to put the lives of the justices in possible jeopardy by composing a letter that threatened to eliminate money for more protection.

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