Ted Cruz EXPLODES After White House’s “90%” Claim!

(USNewsMag.com) – Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas, addressed Karine Jean-Pierre, press secretary for the White House, on May 2 over her statement that illegal immigration dropped by 90% during President Joe Biden’s tenure.

Cruz said that by 2020, illegal immigration had dropped to its lowest point in over four decades. They were making tremendous progress in protecting our border. In walked Joe Biden. He eased restrictions at the border, and the influx of people began in earnest only days after he took office. The illegal immigrant population exploded from its lowest point to its greatest point ever recorded.

Jean-Pierre also claimed that the number of illegal immigrants had decreased by 90% but that Biden was bracing for an influx of people after the termination of Title 42 on May 11.

In FY2020, the final whole year of Trump’s leadership, CBP met 458,088 unlawful migrants. In FY2021, Biden oversaw a rise of 1,734,686. In the following FY2022, there were 2,378,944 contacts. During FY2023, U.S. border agents met over 1.2 million unlawful migrants from Mexico.

Jean-Pierre reiterated her assertion to White House reporter Peter Doocy of Fox News on Tuesday.

According to Doocy, Jean-Pierre said that she has personally seen a reduction in illegal immigration in excess of 90 percent. He questioned her on the origins of the figure, given that CBP estimates an increase of 136,000 people.

While questioning her, Jean-Pierre broke off Doocy and said he was being theatrical. She claimed that she was addressing the president’s parolee program, which was established in order to negotiate with particular nations about measures to reduce illegal migration from certain countries. According to the numbers, it has dropped by an excess of 90%.

Cruz replied in response to Jean-Pierre’s statement that she often makes such an assertion. She has also taken the podium to stress that illegal border crossing isn’t just crossing over the border. Cruz refuted that statement, saying that anyone can see individuals crossing the border or swimming through the river on film.

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