Suspects in DC Arrested By Secret Service

DC Suspects Arrested By Secret Service

( – On March 3, Secret Service agents noticed “suspicious acting” men near a vehicle in Washington, DC’s Georgetown neighborhood. Six federal agents surrounded the men and detained them. While they were in custody, agents searched the car and hit the law enforcement jackpot.

The Secret Service found multiple green military-style beds in the car, along with body armor and a rifle. Agents didn’t release the names of the men taken into custody, but people shared video of the arrest on social media.

According to reports, one of the men was arrested on charges of carrying a dangerous weapon and possessing a prohibited weapon. The agents arrested the other man on charges of carrying a dangerous weapon, carrying without a license, possessing a prohibited weapon, illegal transportation of a firearm, and possessing an unregistered gun. The agents took the suspects to the 2nd Precinct of the Metropolitan Police.

The man reportedly told the police they drove to the capital from Indiana to volunteer to help fight for Ukraine.

The men were taken into custody in Georgetown, a popular hangout for former and current government officials. Former President Barack Obama lives there and during Donald Trump’s administration, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner also had a home there.

Authorities have not given any further details about the arrests.

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