Supreme Court Orders New York Court to Reconsider Important Case

Supreme Court Asks New York Court to Reconsider Important Case

( – In June, the Supreme Court handed down an important ruling that upheld religious freedom in Philadelphia. The precedent set in that case could now protect a coalition of charities in New York.

On Monday, November 1, the Supreme Court ordered New York’s high court to reconsider its ruling in a case, Diocese of Albany v. Emami, involving the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany. The diocese argues the state is violating its First Amendment right by ordering its charities to provide health insurance that covers abortion to its employees. NY’s court ruled against the Catholic charities and they appealed to the SCOTUS.

In the recent decision, the SCOTUS refused to hear the case citing its ruling in Fulton v. Philadelphia ruling.

In that case, the city refused to grant a contract to a Catholic charity because of its policy against adopting to same-sex couples. The country’s high court ruled Philadelphia was violating the First Amendment’s free exercise of religion clause.

The New York case is now in the hands of the lower court. If the court rules against the charities again (unlikely) it would go back to the Supreme Court.

Both the Philadelphia and New York cases demonstrate how important the court feels the First Amendment’s religious freedom clause is. It’ll be interesting to see how the justices apply that belief to abortion later this year when it hears arguments to roll back Roe v. Wade.

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