Strong Winds Intensify New Mexico Wildfire — Frustrate Firefighter Response

Strong Winds Intensify New Mexico Wildfire -- Frustrate Firefighter Response

American Southwest Battered As Wildfires Rage Across The Landscape

( – Earlier this year, scientists revealed New Mexico was dealing with the driest period in 1,200 years. Those dry conditions proved to be perfect fuel for a massive wildfire, which is exactly what firefighters are combatting right now.

Thousands of people in New Mexico have fled their homes and businesses as high winds made battling wildfires in the state harder. On Monday, May 9, the National Weather Service warned of high winds, high temperatures, and low humidity fueling “extreme fire weather conditions” across the state.

The Hermits Peak and Calf Canyon Fire has destroyed almost 190,000 acres in the north and south. More than 1,600 fire personnel have been on the scene fighting the blaze. As of Monday, it was only 43% contained.

In Arizona, also gripped by drought, firefighters were battling a fire by the Mexico border. The San Rafael Fire started on May 7 and hadn’t been contained at all by Monday night.

Residents in the critical areas can help prevent wildfires by avoiding any activities that might spark the dry grounds. Don’t start campfires, throw cigarettes out of car windows, or throw hot coals from BBQ grills on the ground. If you or someone you see accidentally starts a fire, contact authorities immediately.

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