Steve Bannon Increasingly Frustrated With Donald Trump

( – Ex-Trump adviser Steve Bannon recently came after former president Donald Trump on his War Room podcast. He showed a growing frustration with Trump in ways that mirror how many other conservatives are feeling toward the 45th president at this moment.

Notably, Bannon believes Trump is wasting too much time on his Truth Social app and is not doing enough to criticize lame-duck legislation being passed – or being considered – by Republicans who should be forming a more aggressive offense.

Bannon criticized that Trump was using his 2024 campaign announcement to focus more on clearing his name than talking about issues voters really care about.

“The president and Mar-a-Lago, you’ve got to get the game up. You’ve got to get better. It’s just not good enough right now,” Bannon said. “I hate to be so brutally frank, but we’re fighting for the country. You’ve got to get off the Truth, got to get engaged in these battles up here right now, because that sets the stage for your second term.”

Bannon is most concerned about the latest spending bill being pushed by Congress to keep the federal government funded until the end of the year. He, along with other conservatives, believes that the $1.5 trillion bill is too massive and would worsen the economy. Bannon wants Trump to focus on this issue, or at the very least use his Truth Social platform to highlight how Democrats continue to make Americans poorer with increased spending, therefore worsening inflation.

Bannon also highlighted that Trump may need newer and better staff around him since the media clearly loves to take any opportunity they can find to throw Trump under the bus.

Trump recently made headlines (as if he already didn’t) because of a controversial dinner he had with white supremacist Nick Fuentes and rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, who had also been making the news for remarkably anti-Semitic comments.

If I were Trump, I would be taking advantage of the growing sense of national sourness towards President Joe Biden and his administration. Even though Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is currently outpacing Trump on Republican voter preferences in most polls, most voters still agree that the policies associated with Trump worked and they would want similar policies reimplemented.

If Trump stopped focusing on his own opinions and actually started caring about what voters want to see change, he could very likely imitate a 2016 campaign – and perhaps even win with a memorable strategy.

Vianca Rodriguez, Independent Political Analyst

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