States WITHDRAW From Electronic Tracking Program – Right Before Election Time!

( – A 32-state, bipartisan partnership that shares data to help states keep the voter rolls accurate has had three more states withdraw. Florida, West Virginia and Missouri withdrew from the Electronic Registration Information Center March 6. Alabama and Louisiana also withdrew from the partnership.

The Electronic Registration Information Center analyzes voter data and shares the data between the states that participate letting them know if someone registers to vote in another state, dies or moves. The organization uses data from the Social Security Administration, election offices as well as the Department of Motor Vehicles. The nonprofit seeks to allow the states to keep the voter rolls accurate to help cut down on the potential for voter fraud.

However, critics of the program have spoken out over concerns for privacy in providing information to an out of state party, a sentiment echoed by Florida’s  secretary of state in announcing Florida’s departure March 6. Secretary of State Cord Byrd said the decision for Florida to leave stemmed from the Electronic Registration Information Center rejecting proposals put forward by a working group that would help safeguard voter information.

Florida first joined the Electronic Registration Information Center in 2019, with the hopes the partnership would help keep the voter rolls in Florida up-to-date and lead to increased participation in elections. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis did note that the Electronic Registration Information Center had been positive in August 2022 when announcing 20 had been arrested for voting in the 2020 election illegally. 

Missouri Secretary of State John Ashcroft claims the Electronic Registration Information Center restricts how the state uses the data as one of the reasons Missouri decided to leave the partnership.

At a Electronic Registration Information Center Board of Directors meeting, changes to bylaws and member agreement were to be considered, according to the West Virginia’s secretary of state’s office when announcing the states departure.

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