State Department Watchdog Investigating Afghanistan Withdrawal

State Department Watchdog Investigating Afghanistan Withdrawal

( – Many Americans have had questions about why the US chose to withdraw from Afghanistan so quickly this summer. The State Department watchdog is now investigating the decisions surrounding the action to end the war.

State Department Acting Inspector General Diana Shaw notified Congress on Monday, October 18, that her office was investigating the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The OIG’s office will focus on a number of areas, including the refugee resettlement program, application process and emergency evacuation of the US embassy in Kabul. Shaw said her office decided to notify Congress because she’ll have to coordinate with other OIGs and various lawmakers about the elevated interest in the withdrawal.

State OIG Spokesperson Ryan Holden disputed claims the probe is an investigation and told POLITICO, “these projects will be reviews.”

In addition to the State OIG’s “reviews,” the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction may also open its own review of the withdrawal. Of particular interest are the drone strike that killed 10 civilians in Kabul, the Department of Defense’s vetting process for refugees and an audit of the Pentagon’s relocation program. However, this particular probe has not been confirmed.

There’s currently no timeline for the State OIG’s reviews.

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