State Announces GUN BAN – It Passed!

( – The Washington state Senate passed H.B. 1240 April 8, banning the sale, manufacturing or importing of assault weapons in Washington. The bill applies to 60 different styles of weapons.

With a vote of 27-21, the Senate passed the bill, with amendments. The legislation now goes back to the House which will need to vote on legislation again since it was amended by the Senate. The House originally passed the bill in March.

After the House votes, the legislation will go to Gov. Jay Inslee’s desk for his signature. The ban goes into effect immediately after Inslee signs it.

An amendment added in the Senate will allow gun makers to sell inventory on hand before January 1, 2023. The inventory can be sold for 90 days after the legislation goes into effect to buyers out of state. 

Another amendment allows for an exception for those who are active duty military members as well as military retirees. 

Washington state residents are not banned from possessing assault weapons if they already own them or if they inherit the guns. The bill contains an exception for those in law enforcement to still be able to purchase the weapons.

Just after the Senate vote Inslee thanked Senate Democrats on Twitter for getting the legislation passed.

The Washington state Senate also passed H.B. 1143 April 7. The bill requires a gun deal to require a background check, a 10-day waiting period, as well as proof of completion of a safety training course before transferring a firearm to the purchaser.

Once the legislation is signed by Inslee, Washington state will be one of 9 states, including New York and California, as well as Washington, D.C. that have similar bans. Washington state lawmakers advanced the legislation after President Joe Biden called for a ban on assault weapons similar to the 1994 nationwide ban.

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