State AGs Investigating Damaging Effects of Instagram on Minors

State AGs Investigating Damaging Effects of Instagram on Minors

( – Research shows social media can have a negative effect on the body image of its users. Young people are especially vulnerable. A Facebook whistleblower recently revealed the company was aware of the impact Instagram was having on young users but did nothing. State attorneys general are now springing into action.

A bipartisan coalition of attorneys general from Florida, California, Kentucky, Nebraska, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Tennessee, New York and Vermont have launched an investigation into Instagram. The AGs allege Meta (formerly known as Facebook) ignored research showing its photo-sharing platform is dangerous for the mental and physical health of kids, especially teen girls.

The investigation will also focus on whether the company violated consumer protection laws by putting users at risk. The news comes after the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System, the state’s largest public employee pension fund, sued Meta alleging the company misled the public about the negative impact of its platforms and algorithms.

Meta Spokesperson Liza Crenshaw made a statement to ABC News during which she called the accusations made by the AGs “false” and said they show a “deep misunderstanding of the facts.” She went on to claim the company has led the social media industry in supporting people who struggle with mental health disorders, including eating disorders. She provided no proof to support her statement.

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