Stacey Abrams Shocked Thousands With Her Most Recent Image

Stacey Abrams Shocked Thousands With Her Most Recent Image

( – Stacey Abrams has been making her rounds in Georgia, trying to convince voters she’ll serve them better than Republicans. She, like other Democrats, has pushed hard for COVID-19 mandates. That’s what makes a recent photo of the left-leaning politician so ironic.

On February 4, Abrams visited Glennwood Elementary School in Decatur to celebrate Black History Month by participating in an “African-American Read-In” event. The Democrat candidate shared a photo online of herself surrounded by masked children. But there was one noticeable fact: she wasn’t wearing a mask for the photo-op.

Abrams and Glennwood Principal Holly Brookins both shared the photo, but Breitbart reports they deleted it later. The principal allegedly deactivated her Twitter account as well.

One of Abrams’ primary criticisms of Republican Governor Brian Kemp is that she claims he hasn’t had a plan to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Democrat has been a vocal supporter of mask mandates throughout the pandemic. In 2020, Abrams called Kemp’s ban on mask mandates immoral and incompetent.

Republicans decried the photo of Abrams as another example of Dems contradicting their own policies. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (CA), California Governor Gavin Newsom, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) and many other liberals have been caught without masks. It leaves one to wonder: why should Americans listen to Democrats if Democrats don’t even listen to Democrats?

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