Spy Scheme UNCOVERED – Top Conservative Targeted!

(USNewsMag.com) – On June 25, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke out, claiming she is being spied on through her TV.

In a tweet, she said her TV at her home in Washington, D.C., turned on by itself, displaying what appeared to be a laptop trying to connect to a TV.

In the tweet, she said she has nothing to hide and is not willing to go along with corruption in the government. Greene also discussed her health status to confirm that she was not having a stroke.

In her defense, she tweeted a link to a 2019 article, “Your Smart TV May Be Spying on You,” which was published by CBS News as a warning from the FBI. The article discusses a warning from the FBI about smart TVs, which have an internet connection to allow users to watch streaming platforms and browse the internet. The FBI warning continued, saying smart TVs have poor security measures compared to smartphones and computers. The FBI in Portland warned in 2019 that the internet connection could give “hackers an open door into your home.”

On June 25, on her official congressional Twitter account, Greene tweeted a link to a Newsweek article about the situation, saying, “You know what they say about conspiracy theories.”

However, some users on Twitter mocked Greene’s theory, with one asking if she could impeach the TV. Matt Binder, a journalist, stated that what she saw could just be a neighbor trying to screen cast their laptop to the wrong TV.

This is not the first time Greene has made a comment that some view as outlandish. In 2022, she discussed the race of Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband, wondering if he is “worthless,” and asked about children getting monkeypox if it is an “STD.” She has also commented on who started the 2020 California wildfires. Some of Greene’s followers have even gotten her temporarily suspended from Twitter.

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