Special Report: Biden Bribery UPDATE!

(USNewsMag.com) – On the 5th of June’s “Special Report,” Brit Hume, Chief Political Analyst, and anchor Bret Baier, both from Fox News, examined the bribery accusations surrounding President Joe Biden.

During their conversation, Baier was accompanied by Hume to discuss allegations made by an FBI whistleblower claiming former Vice President Joe Biden had sold decisions about foreign policy for money. The supposed papers from the whistleblower indicate a bribery scheme worth $5 million in which Biden participated.

Hume expressed doubt that the public would ever see the alleged FBI memorandum outlining the bribery plan. According to Hume, the claims might become a serious problem for the candidate throughout the upcoming campaign. He said that many people wonder how Biden can afford to live the way he does on his income.

According to Hume, the perception of Biden as a potential bribe taker is a “sleeper issue” in this election. For a guy who served as a senator for so long and later as the vice president on a government income, Biden had a pretty comfortable life. There have been others who have wondered how he amassed such a fortune. They have some familiarity with Hunter Biden’s exploits. Those incidents are still being looked into. If this paper is authentic, it raises further questions about whether or not Joe Biden took a bribe while serving as vice president. That’s significant.

The conversation then shifted to the now-former FBI director, James Comey. Former press secretary for Biden, Jen Psaki, recently interviewed Comey on her MSNBC program.

Hume then attacked Psaki’s interview, saying she didn’t ask tough enough questions of Comey. Biden’s previous press secretary was the one who conducted the interview. Therefore, it was clear why there were no probing inquiries.

After hearing about the conclusions of the recent Durham probe, Hume said he doesn’t see why anybody would still be discussing with James Comey about sticking to the rule of law.

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