Shutting DOWN?! Boycotters Show NO Mercy!

( – There is talk of a boycott against the fast-food brand Chick-fil-A because of its ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ (DEI) policies from conservative activists who say the business has gone woke.

According to Erick McReynolds, Chick-fil-A’s vice president of DEI, the chain’s restaurants have always had a reputation for providing excellent customer service. It is the best place to demonstrate care for others and they’ve made it their mission to promote tolerance, understanding, and respect in all communities where they operate. These principles are fundamental to achieving their corporate purpose and are sound business practices. Since November 2021, he has served as DEI VP.

Joey Mannarino, a political strategist, said there is a problem, as noted in his statement released on May 30. Having a VP of DEI at Chick-fil-A is a step in the wrong direction. He hopes he won’t have to hold a boycott there. Then he questioned his audience about whether they agreed that Chick-Fil-A should be avoided. As of this writing, over 80,000 people have cast their ballots, and a mere 52.6% were in favor of not holding a boycott. Some have questioned the rationale of labeling DEI ideals as incompatible with Christian beliefs.

Conservatives have previously called for a boycott of Target and Bud Light due to those companies’ embrace of woke themes in their goods and advertising. Many people have questioned whether or not Christian-based businesses can successfully implement the DEI initiative without compromising their core principles.

As a Christian business, Chick-fil-A does not open on Sundays. The brand has long been the target of criticism from the left for its backing of nonprofits seen as unsupportive of woke causes. Both the ‘Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ and the Salvation Army have received criticism from members of the ‘woke’ community. As of 2019, Chick-fil-A no longer contributes to nonprofits in this sector. Dan Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, has nevertheless maintained his personal donations to the ‘National Christian Charitable Foundation’.

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