Shots FIRED – Musk Puts ‘Zuck’ On NOTICE!

( – Elon Musk hinted at the rumored on-again, off-again cage fight with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg by making a dig at him after his new app and Twitter rival, Threads, was released.

Zuckerberg’s new app seeks to attract some of Twitter’s microblogging audience, taking away some of its 396.5 million users.

Threads signed up over 100 million users, some of whom migrated from Musk’s Twitter. The app has positioned itself as a direct rival, stirring up more hostilities between the techies. Kim Kardashian and Jeff Bezos were among the first big names to sign up for Threads.

The friction between the two billionaires is nothing new. A 2016 SpaceX explosion that destroyed a Facebook satellite caused a feud between Musk and Zuckerberg that’s been going on for over seven years. They have been public about their disagreements, often jabbing at each other online.

Most recently was Sunday’s barb, when Elon taunted Zuckerburg after Threads by Meta was released. This was brought on by a screenshot Zuckerberg shared when Wendy’s, the fast-food chain, commented to Zuckerberg about going to space and making Musk mad.

Zuckerberg responded with a crying face emoji. A Twitter user then posted a screenshot, writing that Elon protects free speech and Zuck protects brand speech.

Musk then called Zuck a “cuck,” which, according to, is short for cuckhold, the husband of an unfaithful wife.

With the introduction of the new app, Twitter’s legal team informed Zuckerberg in a letter that Meta’s Threads is not allowed to grab information related to Twitter’s users.

Meta has been accused by Twitter of violating its intellectual property rights. Musk has alleged that there has been significant “data scraping,” which is extracting valuable information from Twitter users.

According to Zuckerberg, Threads will surpass Twitter in size, but it will take time. Musk has said that he’s okay with competition, but not cheating. Maybe the two can work it out in the ring when they have their cage fight.

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